Childcare Vouchers

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Are you benefiting from tax efficient childcare costs?

Did you know you could save up to £933 per year per parent?

The provision of Childcare Vouchers allows working parents to save up to £933 in PAYE and National Insurance contributions and also benefits the employer by reducing National Insurance contributions. This is because Childcare Vouchers may be provided to employees free of PAYE tax and NIC.

It's simple - an employee exchanges part of their normal salary for Childcare Vouchers and can save up to:

 Basic Rate Tax Payer (20% PAYE & 12% NI)Higher Rate Tax Payer (40% PAYE & 2% NI)Additional Rate Tax Payer (45% PAYE & 2% NI)
Max monthly vouchers £243 £124 £110
Max annual vouchers £2,916 £1,484 £1,325
Monthly tax & NI saving £78 £52 £52
Annual tax & NI saving £933 £625 £620
Employer NI saving at 13.8% £402.41 £205.34 £182.16

It's simple! It makes childcare cheaper for the employee, reduces costs to the employer. Find out about Childcare Vouchers

Changes to Vat On Childcare Vouchers

Following the Court of Justice of the European Union ruling, from the 1st January 2012 there are changes to the treatment of VAT applied to the childcare voucher administration charge. Click here to find out more.

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