Childcare vouchers

Childcare providers

All registered childcare providers can, if they choose, accept childcare vouchers as payment or part-payment for their services. You are not legally obliged to accept them but it makes sense for your clients to utilise the tax and National Insurance savings they provide.

Once a client requests a payment to you, it usually goes through via BACS on the next working day (although it might take three or four working days to appear in your account). We will send you an email notification of payments made, and you can login to our website to view them.

If one of your clients requests to join the scheme, we will get in touch with you to see if you are prepared to accept payment by childcare vouchers. You can, however, register for the scheme before being asked to do so by your clients, and you could promote the scheme to them.

If you would like to join the scheme, please contact us.

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