Directors benefits

Death in service

Relevant life policies are a way of providing death-in-service benefits on an individual basis, no matter how small your business is.

They are not classed as a benefit-in-kind, so no tax is payable on the premiums. In most cases, the benefits are paid free of inheritance tax if they are paid through a discretionary trust.

Who are these policies suitable for?

  • company directors who want the company to pay for their life cover and offset this against tax;
  • small businesses that do not have enough eligible employees to warrant group life schemes;
  • directors of small limited companies who may be thinking of putting key-person cover in place;
  • and high-earning employees or directors who have substantial pension funds and do not want their benefits to form part of their lifetime allowance.

They are not suitable for the self-employed or equity partners, although their staff could be covered.

How much cover can I have?

You can apply for cover up to £5m. The maximum cover is 15 times the employee’s/director's remuneration. This can include salary, regular dividends paid in lieu of salary and any benefits in kind. There are some limits to qualify for tax concessions.

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