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How will I benefit from being a client and working with you?

As experts in a wide range of areas, we are able to offer truly independent, comprehensive, professional advice that can involve your other professional advisers should you so wish. It is reassuring that any advice received will be based on a comprehensive assessment of your current circumstances by a qualified and experienced consultant.

Are you independent?

Yes. The philosophy of the firm is to provide you with truly unbiased advice. The firm provides independent financial advice and we are not tied to any service or product providers.

I have numerous policies both held privately and via my employer. Can you help me with all of these?

Yes. We look at every detail of your existing financial arrangements including insurance policies, investments, pensions etc and assess their ongoing merit whilst identifying your key goals. We then highlight to you the strengths and weaknesses of your current situation and make any appropriate recommendations to improve.

How do you plan to keep me updated and answer any questions that I may have?

We have numerous methods or updating clients and this is an area that is constantly being developed. There is the ability to review investment performance and account values online in some areas in addition to the many avenues of communication including telephone, email, fax, online enquiries, newsletters and invitations to seminars and the like. We welcome clients feedback as a way to further improve our services.

How are you paid?

The method of remuneration depends upon the service obtained but in general, we can invoice fees, include within premiums paid and offset any commissions generated if appropriate. Generally initial meetings can be arranged at no charge in order to assess your individual requirements.

What is Financial Planning?

Financial Planning is the process of formulating strategies to manage your finances and help you identify and achieve your financial goals. Everyone can benefit from financial planning. NW Brown has experts in all fields of Financial Planning thus ensuring the advice you receive is relevant, accurate and bespoke to you.

How do you obtain new clients?

Naturally, being a professional organisation, NW Brown has formed many relationships with other professionals including solicitors and accountants. Working with your other advisers can be highly efficient and so cross referrals are often made. In addition, good news spreads and numerous existing clients choose to pass on our name to their peers.

How do I become a client?

Please email info@nwbrown.co.uk or call 01223 357131 for the Cambridge office or 01603 661156 to speak to somebody based in Norwich.

Are you able to work with my accountant and solicitor?

Yes. In fact we welcome input from your other advisers.

Can you provide tax and legal advice?

Generally we recommend that you seek specialist advice from your accountant or solicitor but we are happy to work with these professionals to provide you with the most efficient service possible.

What happens if it all goes wrong?

Naturally, sometimes mistakes can happen and as a regulated Company we actively work to ensure that should an error ever occur that we work with those affected to provide a satisfactory outcome. In the first instance, we ask that you speak to your regular consultant who will be able to assist you further. It is also reassuring to know that your investments are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.


Which web browsers do you support? What do I need to view the website fully and use all features?

Our website is tested on the most commonly used browsers. We support use of the following browsers:

  • IE11 (17th October 2013)
  • Edge 12+ (30th March 2015)
  • Firefox 35+ (13th January 2015)
  • Chrome 40+ (21st January 2015)
  • Safari 9+ (1st October 2015)
  • Opera 30+ (9th June 2015)
  • iOS Safari 8.4+ (20th October 2014)
  • Android browser 4.4.4 (2nd June 2014)
  • Opera mini
  • You will also need to enable Java Script for the website to fully function.

The new client portal (https://portal.nwbrown.co.uk) is optimised for use with mobile devices and PC browsers. This means that viewing from a mobile device will rescale the pages to better fit a smaller screen size.

Windows XP users will need Service Pack 3 installed. This is available from Microsoft as an update. To check which version you have go to 'Start', 'Contol Panel', 'System Properties', under the 'General' tab look at the System and see which Service Pack number is shown.

What happens if I use unsupported browsers?

It is possible to use browsers we don't support such as from mobile phones and tablets, Linux or Opera, however NW Brown cannot guarantee that the website will rescale or work fully. The good news is that it's simple to upgrade your browser - and downloading the latest version will have the site operating as designed immediately.

Why don't you support all browsers?

Older browsers face security risks and lack of updates from the original developer. As an example Internet Explorer 6 was released in August 2001 with the most recent service pack of updates being released in 2008. There is also a considerable cost creating a modern website with modern functionality but making it compatible with an old browser.

What else might I need to use the website?

We may use several formats which if you wish to view or read documents will require specific programs. These formats may include .doc .docx which will require a word processing package or application to view, .xls .xlsx which are spread sheet formats, PDF which require Adobe Reader or a similar application. Most of these applications are available in some format for no cost online as a download. We also may embed videos which are hosted by Youtube. Youtube will have their own specifications for viewing videos but tend to be very comprehensive and backward compatible.

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