Group Income Protection

Have you considered adding a group income protection plan to your employee benefits package?  Income protection benefit can help to mitigate the potential long-term financial strain on your business and support your employees through a stressful time.

Subject to the policy terms being met, and after a period of continuous absence (for example, 13 or 26 weeks), a plan would pay a proportion of salary during long-term sickness and injury absence. The longer the deferred period, the lower the cost will be.

Employer Benefits:

  •  Company pension and employer NI contributions can be covered
  •  Premiums can be offset against corporation tax
  •  The company can manage the cost of sickness/injury more effectively
  •  Creates positive employee relations
  •  The company can benefit from the provider’s legal and rehabilitation services

Employee Benefits:

  •  Assurance of continued income when really needed
  •  Continued support from employer
  •  Additional support services such as Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) available even if a claim is not made
  •  Premiums not treated as a benefit in kind

If you would like a review of your group risk benefits, please get in touch.

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