Workplace pensions – increase to minimum contributions in 2019

The Pensions Regulator is in the process of emailing employers regarding the April 2019 statutory increases (Example Below). 

Note: The figures provided are based on schemes using ‘qualifying earnings'. 

If you are calculating contributions using one of the alternative certification elements of staff pay (Set 1, Set 2, Set 3) you will need to click the 'Find out more' tab and scroll to the bottom of the page to 'calculating contributions using different elements of staff pay' to understand the minimum levels of contribution applicable.  Alternatively, refer to the ‘Alternative Certification Criteria’ table below. 

The Pensions Regulator Email April 2019

Alternative Certification Criteria

Effective Date 5 April 2019

Employer Minimum Contribution

Staff Contribution

Total Minimum Contributions

Set 1: Gross Earnings (excluding bonus, o/time, commission) 4% 5% 9%
Set 2: Gross earnings based on at least 85% of total earnings 3% 5% 8%
Set 3: Total gross earnings 3% 4% 7%

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