Cambridge Index falls 1.1%

15 Jun 2015

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Points of View: Bank Fines

10 Jun 2015

Bank fines were back in the headlines last week following the publication of a study revealing that the total cost of litigation for the 16 biggest global banks since 2010 has now exceeded £200bn.

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Pensions post 2015 Election

9 Jun 2015

With the election now over, we have a newly appointed Pension Minister, Dr Ros Altman (replacing Steve Webb) to oversee the framework of ‘pension freedoms’ legislation implemented on 6 April 2015. Meanwhile, Workplace Pensions continue to be a priority for employers who have yet to comply with their auto enrolment obligations.

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Cambridge Index falls 1.5%

8 Jun 2015

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Points of View: Greece's bailout talks stall

3 Jun 2015

With a pending €300m loan repayment due on Friday, Greece’s chances of securing a vital €7.2bn in rescue aid stalled last week as Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, accused bailout monitors of making “absurd” demands.

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Cambridge Index rose 0.6%

1 Jun 2015

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Points of View: Tobacco companies and plain packaging

27 May 2015

Some of the world’s largest tobacco companies have launched one of the biggest ever claims against the UK government over the legality of plain packaging regulations and the deprivation of highly valuable intellectual property.

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Cambridge Index rose 1.5%

25 May 2015

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Stocks in Focus: BT Plc

20 May 2015

This week I am looking at BT following the publication of Ofcom’s report reviewing the internet connectivity market for businesses.

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Cambridge Index drops 1.4%

18 May 2015

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Points of View: Election clarity

13 May 2015

As a general rule, stock markets do not like uncertainty. So when the General Election delivered the unexpectedly decisive result of a majority government, it was not surprising to see the FTSE 100 enjoy a strong one-off relief rally.

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Cambridge Index climbs 2.4%

11 May 2015

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